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Wed, May 11, 2022 4:17 PM


Unable to report a fake review due to 404 error

Hi there,

I just checked a review and this has to be one of the worst as they don't even say the correct name of the show they have supposedly reviewed. Team you need to get more on top of this.

The TV series is 'The Quest'.


The top review (go figure) is completely fake!!! Melissa George is not in this TV show regardless.

This is what they wrote;

"amazing plot and story
Wow what a master pice combination of fantasy and art and a well budget tv series best of all. Triangle is a thriller. . Melissa George plays the main role here. It is directed by Christopher Smith.

The plot involves an ordinary woman Jess who treats her child quite cruelly. One day her friend Greg invites her to yacht. A group of friends gets caught in a storm, after that they get on ship where cycles of terrible actions happen to them. These cycles are the reason of name of film.

There are spectacular special effects, amazing and disturbing change of events and good acting. But to be honest, sometimes this film can be monotonous because of idea of repeating events. Big part of actions are in the sea, in the empty ship.

To sum up, Triangle is an exciting film where cycles symbolise circles of hell. Monotony accentuates suffering, this film is for people who like thrillers and unusual turns of events. You will love this, if you want to think about riddle that reveals multivariance of punishment for human sins.


End of that garbage as it is a TV series for one, not a film.

Here is the user who wrote this.



So I went to 'report review' option, I am using the new IMDB site obviously, I am using chrome on mac OS.

I review a 404 error. Below is the url of the page where this appears, and yes I am logged in to IMDB.


Many thanks




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2 m ago

Hi Virginia -

I can confirm that the User Review you referenced above has been removed from the site.  The reason you encountered the "404 Error" when reporting was because the User Review had already been reported and was pending removal, but the change had not yet been fully processed live on the site.

I hope this helps clarify!