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Mon, Mar 23, 2020 7:32 PM


Unable to fix 'original title' for tt10097664

As usual, IMDb database stuff rejects correct submissions on the topic of Ukrainian movies for no apparent reason => #200322-025758-696000

When will IMBd hire a staff that will be responsible for Ukrainian movies so this doesn't keep happening on a massive scale? If you guys don't know any Ukrainian film professionals with good English knowledge - PM, I can help.

This time it's tt10097664 / Mamo, ya lyotchyka lyublyu . It's a Ukrainian-language movie and thus the title should be based on the Ukrainian-langauge title MamO, ya lyotchYka lyublyu and not on the Russian-langauge title MamA, ya lyotchIka lyublyu.

Original Ukrainian-langauge title can be found in film credits (film can be viewed on ). Alternative film transliteration in English (e.g., Molodist IFF uses Ukrainian CMU version of UA->EN transliteration Mamo, ya liotchyka liubliu!, rather than American BGN version of UA-EN transliteration Mamo, ya lyotchyka lyublyu) can also be found on Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival website (film participated in Molodist in 2012). Both CMU and BGN versions of transliteration are available at (but one has to modify BGN version, since it uses apostrophes (') to transliteration Ukrainian word ь (that softens the previous letter), yet IMDb discourages the use of a apostrophes (') when transliterationg non-English title films with Cyryllic-based alphabet titles (IMDb, unfortuantely, doens't have a seperate 'Ukrainian names & titles' guide, however letter ь exists in both Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet and Russian Cyrillic alphabet, so the IMDb' Russian names & titles' guidelines to NOT use anything for the Russian Cyrillic alphabet letter ь would equallly apply to Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet letter ь)

Rejected submission #200322-025758-696000
Re-submitted pending submission #200323-200353-125000

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