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Sat, Jan 31, 2015 12:55 AM

Two PR Companies Merging

My company listed as "White Bear PR [us]" has just merged with "Cinemedia Promotions [us]".  We would like a new profile titled "Krakower Poling PR [us]".  Is it possible to merge the two company profiles?




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6 years ago

I don't believe that can be done in this case.

According to the Company pages, White Bear PR [US]  has been credited on several films. In the
Submission Guide: Company Name Correction IMDb states:
Please note that credits need to be listed exactly as they appeared on-screen for the title. Therefore, if your company has been credited on-screen with a particular name, that name/company listing will need to remain in the database as is, so that we can preserve the credit as it appeared on-screen. If your company has changed names (and has on-screen credits with a former name), we can create a new listing for your new company name and link the two listings with an "AKA" affiliation, indicating the company has changed names.
The CineMedia Promotions [US] page does not show any Filmography credits. If they have never received on-screen credits, then IMDb can probably change the name to the new one, Krakower Poling PR [us], otherwise a new Company page will need to be created.  In the latter case, the current page will need to be linked to the new one with an AKA affiliation.

In either case, White Bear PR will need to be linked to  Krakowuer Poling by an AKA affiliation.