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Thu, Mar 8, 2018 5:26 AM

Two Pages for Tarl Warwick

I accidentally created a second page for Tarl Warwick; but when I tried to merge the two pages, the software wouldn't allow me to do it. Can a staffer help me with this?

These two pages should be merged into one. They refer to the same person:

Tarl Warwick (I)
Tarl Warwick (II) 




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3 years ago

Hello J.,
You just need to go to the page for Tarl Warwick (II) and hit the Edit page button near the bottom of the page
Select Name Correction or Merge ... Add correction
Give your reason for making the change
Hit Continue
It will ask:
Are you sure you want to merge this person with Warwick, Tarl (I)?
Tick the box to say that you are sure that's what you want to do
Hit Re-check these updates
The background should turn green(ish) and it should offer you a Submit button
Hit Submit these updates

Then sit back and wait while your submission is checked, approved and the change is made to the database




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3 years ago

Hi J. -

In addition to the instructions Steve provided above, you can also find additional information on Name Page Merges here.  Cheers!

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3 years ago

I've merged pages before, but the software wasn't letting me do it this time. And now the pages have been merged without me having done anything.

Oh, well, at least the matter is fixed. Thanks to you both.