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Mon, Nov 20, 2017 12:48 PM

TV Episodes submitted, accepted & published are not showing on TV Series.

I need help from a member of staff. On 14th November 2017 I submitted 2 episodes to the TV Series "The Harbour" (2017), 3 episodes to the TV Series "Dispatches" (1987) and 1 episode to the TV Series "Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways" (2012). All 6 episode submissions have been accepted for publication and have been published on the site but none of them are accessible via the relevant titles on IMDb. So for example "The Harbour" (2017) is currently shown on IMDb as only containing episodes #1.1 and #1.2 although episodes #1.3 and #1.4 are on the site but seem not to be "attached" to the rest of the Series for some reason.

Here are the submission details for each one:-
"The Harbour" (2017) #1.3
submitted update = 171114-181609-007000

"The Harbour" (2017) #1.4
submitted update = 171114-181707-825000

"Dispatches" (1987) #31.26 The Fight for Mosul
submitted update = 171114-185448-220000

"Dispatches" (1987) #31.27 The Great Housing Scandal
submitted update = 171114-185622-460000

"Dispatches" (1987) #31.28 How to Avoid the Dementia Tax
submitted update = 171114-185751-702000

"Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways" (2012) #4.3 Balkans
submitted update = 171114-185901-027000

I would appreciate it if a member of staff could take a look at these updates and identify what the problem is and if possible correct it so that these episodes are correctly displayed as part of the relevant title.

Thanks in advance
Mark Wood



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4 y ago

Thanks for the problem report.  We have fixed "The Harbour" already and the rest of the titles should be fixed by the end of the day. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Hi Col,

Thank you for your assistance and speedy response to this matter.