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Fri, Mar 15, 2019 7:38 PM

Tuff Turf (1985): Plot Synopsis is a User Review

The plot synopsis for Tuff Turf (1985) is, in reality, a user review.  Could you please remove if from Plot Synopsis and transfer to User Reviews.  Thanks.




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2 years ago

Ed: Bradley is referring to the Synopsis at which is not the same as the Plot Summary.

The Synopsis currently includes such opinionated comments as the following:
Morgan ... befriends another loser, who later went on to become "Iron Man". That's right, Robert Downey Jr in all his DowneyJuniorness is in this movie, playing much the same role as he did in "Back to School". ...

Frankie is played by the eternally gorgeous Kim Richards, which was the only reason I had to see this movie back then. ...

To see James Spader all blown up like Bill Shatner today just makes me realize the true victim in all of this is me. ...

As a waste of a chilly night in Michigan, I'd say this was as good a way to do it as any.
While you are correct to say that one can edit the Synopsis like any other part of the data on IMDb, the problem is that there is not enough information here to turn this "synopsis" into "a detailed description of the entire plot" which is what a Synopsis is supposed to be on IMDb.

So I would like to get the staff's opinion -- should this "synopsis" be deleted, or do they have the ability to move it to the User Reviews section?



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2 years ago

Hi all, 

Ed's submission to remove the plot synopsis has been approved by our data editors. This will not be transferred to the user review section by our data editors, instead will need to be submitted by the user themselves in order to correctly appear under their profile.