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Thu, Dec 5, 2019 9:39 PM

Trying to get Produce Credits added to a Title

We are trying to get Credits added to a Title, we have an Option Agreement between the Writer and ourselves, our submission is being declined, should we send the Contract? The Project is DragonMan by Ted Lazaris




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a year ago

Can you post the 18-digit reference number so an IMDb representative can review the submission and respond?

If you prefer to handle this in private, please fill out a report through the IMDb Contact Us form.

As far as submitting a copy of the contract agreement, it's better to submit a copy to a file-sharing site and provide a private share link so only you and an IMDb representative will be able to view the document.

I hope this helps.

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a year ago

Yes Thank you 191204-034433-254000 



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a year ago

Hi Nuala,

This means that our editors were probably unable to verify it and need further information/additional evidence. If you are adding a credit for a film or TV show, the best evidence is a screen grab/image showing your name and credit as it appears in the main or end titles of that show. In order to help our staff verify the credit, we suggest you obtain a screen grab of the credit and include it within the <u>explanation field</u> when submitting your update.