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Sun, Dec 8, 2019 4:59 PM

Trying to add a DOB when the Place of Birth is already listed.

I have frequently come across people in the IMDB that have the place of birth listed, but not the date.  If I try to add the DOB, it states that I cannot correct, but need to delete and resubmit a new DOB and add the place of birth.  If there is a DOB already listed in their profile, but not a place of birth, they don't do that and I can correct without deleting anything. 

The problem is that most of the time when I send it a correction to add a DOB when it already has a place of birth where I had to delete and start over, it is declined upon review.

My question is if I should even bother trying to correct in those circumstances and should just add a new submission with the DOB and the place of birth, even if the place of birth is already listed?




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a year ago

Hi Justin, thanks for reaching out. If the evidence you submit is accepted, your corrections will be approved. We encourage you to review our birthdate guidelines.