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Thu, Jun 11, 2020 9:59 AM

Translated quote submissions declined despite proof (for program in original Japanese language)

*(edit, hadn't put the actual problem in the description)

IMDB Contribution reference  200607-073809-191000 - Status Declined

I attempted to submit a quote for ""Gaki no tsukai ya arahende!!" (1989) {Batsu Games - Hospital}" (link - this quote was marked as "Declined".

The original episode was broadcast in Japanese; however, I provided a translated quote per a video link I used as a source. I also provided this link in the "Explanation" section (Video reference - as proof of the quotes happening.

I do not feel that the quote should have been "declined" because I believe this is a significant quote that came from the episode; maybe one or two years ago I provided similar quotes to another "Gaki no tsukai..." episode entry without the same issue happening.

Quote in question:

[translation; Heipo is apologising to actress Megumi for his unprofessional conduct]
Heipo (Toshihide Saitô): [reading the letter] "I, the world-famous Doctor Heipo, would like to give a sincere apology to my patient, Megumi, for my inappropriate behaviour."
[Hamada, Matsumoto, Endo and Tanaka nod in agreement]
Heipo (Toshihide Saitô): [continuing with the letter] "The public perceives Megumi as a smart woman with many talents, but she's nothing more than a former pin-up girl who can sandwich things with her boobs."
[Hamada and Matsumoto laugh; Tanaka barely holds his laugh in]
Voice-over (unknown): Matsumoto, Hamada - *OUT*.

EDIT, 20 June 2020
Issue has not been resolved; see also below additional "declined" submissions:

IMDB Contribution reference 200618-023224-621000 - Status Declined
for "Gaki no tsukai ya arahende!!" (1989) {No Laughing High School}

[translation except where noted; a video is playing of Jimmy Ohnishi counting from 1 to 100 in English]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [in English] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...
[video wipes to 18]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [in English] ...eighteen, nineteen...
[caption shows 20, i.e. "twenty", but Jimmy hesitates]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [tentatively, in English] Ten...
[Jimmy hesitates again]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [in English] Ten-ten.
[caption shows 21, i.e. "twenty-one"]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [stumbling, in English] Ten-ten... ten-ten... ten-ten-one.
Shôzô Endô (Endo): [laughing] What an idiot!
(Voice-over): Endo is out!

IMDB Contribution reference 200617-061946-437000 - Status Declined
for "Gaki no tsukai ya arahende!!" (1989) {No-Laughing Police Station}

[translation; a video is playing of Jimmy Ohnishi describing the foul smell of some material in a jar]
Jimmy Ohnishi (Jimmy Ohnishi): [also motioning with his hands] It's like your grandpa's... Grandpa's worn-out sock being rubbed... Rubbed against the inside of a sneaker and then wiping it on the inside of a toilet like this. So your grandpa's worn-out sock is wiped in sneakers. And you rub it and clean the toilet like this--
[Jimmy suddenly dry-heaves; Yamasaki, Endo and Hamada all laugh at Jimmy's dry-heave]
(Voice-over): Hamada, Yamasaki and Endo are out!




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Hi Brendan, 

I have resubmitted these quotes on your behalf and these should be live on the site shortly.