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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 9:39 PM


Track Contribution's for "Title Correction's", "Episode Title Correction's," "Title Merge's," "Image Additions" etc

Most edits you can track with the useful Track Contribution feature.


However there are some edits you can't track like:

Title Correction's

Episode Title Correction's

Title Merge's

Image Addition's (although at least you can see the status for them in Contribution History (Beta))

Plus I'm quite sure there's a few more Title or Image related edits that you can't track either.


Can you add the Track Contribution feature to every edit people make please?


One example of a couple of edits I can't track are for a former long running TV series which I started editing a couple of days ago. 

It had roughly 20 episodes already added, I've added around 20 more, and I've corrected the titles for around 15 of them so far.

However I didn't notice that 2 of the episodes were already added (along with credits etc already added), because of their incomplete titles, incorrect episode numbers, and incorrect air dates.

I'm waiting for

  1. Episode 35 titled Happiness Is Wheel Shaped to be merged into Episode 34 titled Tom Wolfe: Happiness is Wheel-Shaped 200920-073521-117000
  2. Episode 37 titled Strictly for the French to be merged into Episode 36 titled Yvonne Mitchell: Strictly for the French 200920-073329-810000

I don't know whether they're still pending, or if they've been declined, as I can't Track Contribution's on those edits.

My addition for the real Episode 35 titled Shirley Conran: Danger - Women at Work! won't be accepted until Episode 35 is merged into episode 34.

And I can't add the real Episode 37 titled Brian Glanville: The Last of the Good Losers until Episode 37 is merged into Episode 36.


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a month ago

It's a bug, they are aware.


It was possible to track them until some months ago but they disabled it because of a bug and for some reason they still couldn't fix it after months and months. Maybe they forgot about it.


Upvoted your thread so maybe they finally remember and fix it.



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a month ago

There is a list here, which also mentions awards and some company edits (not credits). Name corrections are also mentioned, but that seems to be outdated:


In addition to that it is also true that some "new" features are not included in the classic update history at all, such as images and parental guides as well as some app edits.

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@Peter_pbn I knew there were some others, but I couldn't remember what they were.


I'm pretty sure, but not entirely sure, that adding companies, and changing companies have the track contribution feature, as I've added and edited them quite a lot, and I don't remember not being able to track them.


I've only added a around 5 awards but I remember you definitely can't track them.

I always have to go on Google to find the awards pages that I'm looking for, and after a quick browse through the All Events section here I remember why.

For some reason they don't even have the BAFTA (British Academy Film and Television Awards) Television Awards in that section, never mind all it's spin-offs, and the same goes for the RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards along with their spin-offs and regional awards, even though it apparently contains All Events, just like the Locations Table apparently contains All Locations when it clearly doesn't.

There's many many more British Film and/or Television Awards missing from the list, I've noticed, which I'll probably get around to adding to IMDB eventually like the 20 International Film Festival award ceremonies in my city, along with at least 4 more from my city, and making sure all the major categories (best actor, best actress, best drama, best comedy, best soap etc) at least are complete for the 10 major TV Award ceremonies in the UK.


Now back on topic for a minute, the last award I added was for an Italian Award Ceremony from 1979 a couple of months ago. I couldn't track it.


I was going to add another award this time for Best Director for a film festival based in New York in the 2006, which was apparently the New York Film Festival. However after looking through a couple of old websites and articles about New York based award ceremonies and festivals back in 2006, even using the Wayback Machine, I just couldn't be bothered searching anymore, as it seemed impossible to find out which award in which award ceremony he won, as there were multiple Best Director awards even in the same festivals and award ceremonies.


As for tracking image updates I'd prefer them to stay where they are, in the Contribution History (Beta) section, unless of course the images you've uploaded at the same time, appear as one submission, rather than multiple submissions as they do now.


I've downloaded a load of films and TV shows, which I will be getting screenshots of, and uploading to IMDB eventually. Quite a lot of them are for films and TV shows which don't have any images at all on IMDB, very few images on IMDB, or hardly any images on Google etc.

I'll be getting images of title screens which I'll edit into vertical rectangles so they fit perfectly as a poster for the title, quite a lot from the various scenes, and a few of the credits as I've noticed a lot of people on IMDB with credits when they weren't credited.

I've just updated the credits for a 2015 film which got extended into a 2015 TV show now, which contained 17 people with credits who weren't credited, and 8 of the credited cast missing completely. I also rearranged them into the order they were credited on screen.

A couple of days ago I reorganised the credits for the 2015 TV show, corrected a few character names, and added a few of the actors who were missing from the credits on IMDB.

However around 6 of the character names in the 3 episodes have been declined or are still pending, so I'll be correcting them again once they've finished pending, and I know for definite which ones have been declined.


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8 days ago

How hard it can be to fix this?