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Sun, Jul 10, 2022 4:51 PM



'Toca Life World' is full of wrong information.

The children's mobile sandbox game 'Toca Life World' is full of wrong info. I will list below.

1. Sandbox game, not mini-series. There is a series 'Toca Life Stories' that has a page with correct info.

2. The videos/trailers is full of fan made videos, the Toca Boca YouTube channel has lots of official videos and trailers you could add.

3. The game uses fan made videos as 'episodes'. It is a game. It doesn't even have episodes.

4. The main video shown should be the trailer for the whole game, rather than just the arcade add-on.

5. The country Spain has nothing to do with production. The game is developed in the U.S.A. and Sweden

Thank you for reading, I really think IMDB should put more effort into games and become a 'media database' perhaps? Or a separate site maybe.



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2 months ago

Hi WillR15 -

My apologies for the delayed reply, our staff are working through a backlog of threads to resolve any outstanding issues.

Concerning the title "Toca Life: World", I can see that the title is now listed correctly as a video game and Spain is no longer listed as a Country.

Concerning the featured video on the title page, the video is automatically determined based on the most recent trailer.  I can see that there are 39 Trailer videos listed for this title, if there is a more representative trailer of the Video Game as a whole within the video gallery, can you link it here and our staff can take a look?