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Fri, Oct 7, 2022 4:10 PM



Title incorrectly merged

I have just re-submitted a new title to replace the old one, which someone has incorrectly merged with another series. (It is a spin-off series, and the creator of both series has confirmed that one is a spin-off of the other, rather than being part of the same series.)

This is the new submission to replace the merged one:


As both series are ongoing, I'm concerned that this will keep happening and result in an "edit war", where the other contributor keeps merging them every week and I have to keep submitting it again. Please could someone ensure that this series will not be merged this time?

Many thanks




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2 months ago

Hello tom_wake

I can confirm that the title has been approved and is live under "RHLSTP Book Club", however the title info is still populating and will be live shortly. Also, I took an extra step in order to prevent the title from merging again.