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Mon, Oct 4, 2021 10:57 AM


Title and Photo Updating Problems



We changed the name of our film and when I updated the page, it put the new title as an "original" title and an aka but is still listing the old title as the main one.  It should be the other way around. Ref:  #210927-150436-541000

Also, I uploaded a new poster and it was added as an additional photo, but it did not replace the one with the old title and information. Ref:  #210927-150622-255602

How do I fix these problems and how do I properly update the poster when our next new one is finished?

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Il y a 10 m

If "Love Virtually" is the new title, then the title correction was accepted, but you also need to correct the two alternate title entries with the old title here:


You could add "working title" in the attribute field for the USA entry so that users can see that the title was changed.

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Il y a 10 m

Thanks for flagging this.


I have submitted an update for the poster and title. This should be reflected on the platform in the next 24 hours.