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Thu, Jul 30, 2020 7:44 AM


I found this movie “Thursday” from 1998 starring Aaron Eckhart on IMDB, and i click the link that says I can watch it on Amazon Prime for $1.99. So I’ve purchased it for $1.99 but on the Amazon Prime App it shows me a lame amateur 2008 wannabe indie type film! I tried doing it again through the IMDB app and I think I just got charged for it AGAIN. Please help. I had already tried to purchase this to watch through Amazon Prime before your IMDB app sent me to it, so I’ve now spent $6 and I still haven’t gotten to see it!




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3 months ago

In support of what Amy is writing, and for the benefit of the IMDb staff, this appears to be an error on the IMDb side, not on the Amazon side. 

I don't know about the app, but on which is for Thursday (1998), the film Amy wanted to see, clicking on the "Watch on Amazon Prime" link will take one to a page where you can watch Thursday (2001) (V) (

The Amazon Prime link should be removed from the IMDb page for Thursday (1998) (whether on the desktop site, the app, or anywhere else), because it doesn't appear that Amazon Prime has that film available for rent or purchase (it's available on Amazon but only in physical formats).

(Someone else will have to advise Amy on how to get a refund, since I don't know the policy on that.)



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3 months ago

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your problem report. We've confirmed that Thursday (1998) is not available on Amazon Prime at this time.
For assistance with your refund inquiry, we recommend to reach out directly to Amazon Prime Video.