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Mon, Nov 16, 2015 3:35 AM

This Name page needs to be split ... (anybody wanna work on this?)

The following name-page refers primarily
to an American Carolyn Banks.

Apparently, some of the listed credits are correct, but some would seem
to be misplaced credits for another Carolyn Banks who works in the UK.

(Click here for a Google search providing some sources of
reference information about the American Carolyn Banks.)

In an article published on November 14 2015, the American Ms. Banks
(who was born in Pennsylvania and now resides in Texas)
wrote in the Austin American-Statesman:
... There’s also an [IMDb page] where I’m listed. It says I used to produce a television series that I’ve never heard of. It started saying this a couple of years ago and I tried, without success, to tell them it wasn’t so. I have given up. I guess there’s nothing wrong with having people believe I produced a television series. ...
The three TV series listed on the aforementioned name-page
were produced and aired in the UK.   (UK)   (UK)   (UK) 

Here, according to one source, is a list of some additional credits
that appear to be claimed for a Carolyn Banks in the UK:   (UK)

At least one of the series titles listed there  (Running the Shop)
matches a series title on the aforementioned name-page.

Supposing that all of the mentioned UK credits may refer to
just one UK-based Carolyn Banks, it appears that IMDb may need
one new Carolyn Banks (II) name-page to properly attribute those UK credits.

Some investigation would be necessary to verify all of this in detail.
Sorry, I'm not volunteering to look into this further, or to submit the
necessary change requests through the edit interface.  I've posted
these notes in case anyone else might like to work on this.
Thanks in advance to anyone who may decide to take on this task.




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6 y ago

The credits have been split, thanks.