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Sat, Sep 23, 2017 7:24 PM

This keyword "bad acting".

The keyword "bad acting" versus "intentional bad acting" — I question the validity of this one, as it seems like a personal opinion rather than something that represents "concepts and notable ideas, scenes, or objects."

Personally, I think it should be deleted system wide before it gets out of hand (tagging titles out of anger or grudges).




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3 years ago

Sometimes bad acting may be a plot point, though I agree the keyword seems to have been used as much as a subjective judgement.

As a plot keyword, it may be more relevant for The Disaster Artist (2017) than The Room (2003).



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3 years ago

Hi Carter -

The Keyword "bad acting" will need to remain as it is legitimate, for example, it could be part of a title plot centered around a character playing the part of a terrible actor (although this keyword doesn't cover all aspects of 'bad acting').

It's possible that there may be titles listed incorrectly with this keyword, if you see incorrect listings please report them to our staff by submitting a keyword deletion through our online Update form.  Your report will then be forwarded to our editorial staff for review who will then take the appropriate actions. 

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It's possible that there may be titles listed incorrectly with this keyword
Can I tag this sentence with the keyword great-feeling-for-understatement?