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Fri, Sep 5, 2014 2:34 PM

This credit has been rejected. You need to correct this credit before it will be accepted.

Can some One please help me how to correct this thing


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7 y ago

What thing? Without any information nobody will be able to say anything!
Did you make an update? Can you provide a screenshot of the part where it rejects?

note: I am not an IMDb employee, nor in any way affiliated with IMDb

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6 y ago

Hey Divya Vij, I had the same problem. When you are adding the episode info make sure that it is written simply such as

Becoming: Part 2

Don't add any extra info and write your title such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) copy exactly as it is written on the production page on imdb but if it suggests a more  correct fitting, select that. Hope that helps!