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Fri, Jun 4, 2021 1:44 AM

They / Them - Need Ability to Use Accurate Pronouns

I am a non-binary actor and VFX coordinator, and I wince whenever I see "his" in my profile. I go by they/them pronouns, but when I attempted to edit my profile on IMDB, there were no options available for changing to a they/them format. Could we get this feature running so that it can accurately reflect folks' gender? When my edit was declined, I was directed to pose my question here, rather than have the edit accepted.

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5 m ago

Thanks for bringing up this important topic! An agreement is had by the one writing this reply! But it is felt that they needs more education to understand that "we" can be hurtful. Not all identify as "we." More understanding and respect is required.

It is also felt that IMDb must replace all pronouns in the database with a blank. Only the ones being referred to can be allowed to fill the blanks. Accepted experts in film history and queer theory may fill the blanks when dead persons are referred to.

IMDb must make respect for inclusion the top priority! Films are secondary to respect and acceptance!



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1 m ago

Hi Maximilian, thank for reaching out and providing this suggestion for improvement to the site. I have gone ahead and passed this on to the relevant team.