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Sat, Mar 21, 2015 2:58 PM

The new Parental Guides are now too detailed and have become impractical or non-existent!

New Parental Guides are now too detailed and have become impractical. We need honest parental guides for all available films that are available. There guides must not generated out of fear but should be honest so they are helpful in making competent choices.




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6 years ago

Christian: The parents guides on IMDb are done in wiki-style, which means that normally any IMDb user can submit changes to them and those changes will appear on the web site immediately. The IMDb staff exercises minimal editorial control over the parents guides.

You can submit the changes you think are appropriate yourself. Or, if you would like to discuss a specific parents guide with other users to get a consensus on what should and shouldn't be included, click on the tab marked "Discuss" on the Parents Guide page, then "Add+" to add a new section to the discussion, type in what you want to say, then click "Save".