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The Earthquake Alarum (1909)

According to Phil Hardy's The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Science Fiction (p. 34), The Earthquake Alarum (1909) was made by Schultze Film of Germany.  IMDb identifies it with this Italian film:, and there is no Schultze Film Company currently listed in IMDb.  I've found some mistakes in Hardy before, so this may be one as well, but I think the question is worth asking.  It's one of a number of titles frequent in the 1895-1919 chapter, in whcih he italicizes the English title because he was not able to identify the title in the original language (something that almost completely disappears later in the book with a couple of exceptions such as the Finnish film, Time of the Roses and the Thai film, Iron Bread).



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Hi scott_l1zxrc3yyo2sw -

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