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Tue, Mar 5, 2019 7:28 PM

The director not credited in the original release - but credited in the re-release/re-run - still "uncredited"?


Just want to clarify this. I have a few short films where some key members of the crew are not credited in the original release (and before you ask, yes, I have seen all these versions and know the timeline and the history of the short films), mainly the director and the puppet maker.

Now, the puppet maker is credited in the FIRST re-run of the film, and then director is credited when the short film was (AGAIN) re-released as a part of the mini-series. Should I still add "(uncredited)" attribute for director and puppet maker?





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2 years ago

Hi Eboy -

Yes, that is correct, if they were not credited on-screen for the original release of the film but they participated on the film and meet our eligibility criteria, their work will be acceptable with the "uncredited" attribute.