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Mon, Jan 13, 2020 11:10 AM

"The Arrival of Raditz" (again)

A few months ago, I created a thread here about a problem regarding the first episode for Dragon Ball Z, The Arrival of Raditz.  Somebody added a 1989 airdate for that episode, despite the fact the page represents the 1996 English dub version of Dragon Ball Z's first episode, not the 1989 Japanese version which it is based off. The 1989 Japanese version has it's own seperate entry on imdb. After creating that thread, the 1989 airdate got removed. Here is a link to the aforementioned thread

Now somebody has RE-ADDED the 1989 airdate. I tried to remove it and the edit got rejected.




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8 months ago

Hi JB, thanks for flagging, I've amended and reached out to the appropriate team. Cheers!