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Wed, Jun 10, 2020 10:56 PM

Technical glitch in links

When doing an Advanced Search: Soundtracks for the word ‘link’, I came across the following anomaly.

Creating a link in the form [link=aaXXXXXX], means that the word ‘link’ in this form is not searchable. If a contributor submits a link that is syntactically incorrect, it will not display correctly and the word ‘link’becomes searchable. For example, 

[link-aaXXXXXX]  or [link aaXXXXXX] or link=aaXXXXXX]

In my search I came across this result. This would indicate that the link was incorrectly formed. It appears to be missing the closing ']'.


When I go to the actually entry, the text displays correctly.


If I look at the underlying text, the link is syntactically correct.


I have waited a fortnight to see if it resolves itself, but it has not.

This is my only experience of such an 'issue'.

Is this a technical glitch? 




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1 y ago

I can confirm your observation (by doing an even more specific search):[link=nm5897076

I also looked at the soundtracks page
and its Edit page, seeing what you posted above.

I can not explain the phenomenon.



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10 m ago

Hi Graham and bderoes -

I'm having difficulty replicating the display results, can you clarify which Advanced Search you are performing and what exact data you are entering into which fields?  Once I can successfully replicate the problem I can alert our technical team for further investigation.


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Search done this morning (Australian time, 0847)

Advanced Search: Soundtracks for the word, 'link'

returns these results ...

... with the problem child.

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Michelle, here's another glitch in 'Advanced Search: Soundtracks' ...

Advanced Search: Soundtracks for the word, 'colero'

... returns two results.

When I go to the first, the name 'Jody Colero' shows that it is linked (purple colour) ....

as does the underlying text ....

So, as 'Advanced Search' looks at the underlying text, it should not return this as a result as 'colero' is not there.

Note: I added the links to 'Jody Colero' in June, so this problem has only arisen since then.

Ref No #200619-112511-113000 

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Here's another one ....

Advanced Search: Soundtracks for the word, 'rotem' returns this as part of the results.

When I go to the Soundtrack of the 'CSI: NY' episode, the text is already linked and the underlying text also shows appropriate wording.

As 'Advanced Search' looks at the underlying text, the result should not be returned as the word 'Rotem' is not there. Also, the display in the Search Results should show that the text is linked.

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It has been three months since I raised this issue. I was wondering whether there has been any progress made.

I checked all three instances today and they still have the same display problem.