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Thu, Apr 14, 2016 9:02 PM


Suggestion for New feature: Voice Actors

It is common that movies, cartoons and tv series are dubbed (have the original voice, in the original language is replaced by a local actor voice in the local language) in other countries with a different language. Here in Brazil dub companies tries to keep the same local voice to each actor, so some of them become very familiar.
Would be great if a new feature could be added to the IMDb to show the local actor that have dubbed the original actor. It would be also interesting for the animations.
I don't know why the same movie/serie/cartoon is dubbed with other voices, but it happens, so it would be interesting to consider more than one set of dubbers per "movie"/language, and also consider that it would also be different from country to country even having "same" language (for instance, Portuguese-Brazil, Portuguese-Portugal, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-Mexico, Spanish-Argentina, etc...)
On the web version, I can imagine a new column on list of CAST with a combo-box at the top where one can select the "language-country-version" (Portuguese - Brazil - v1), showing all the known actors that lend their voices to that "tape". Or maybe another section (to not pollute that table) showing all dubbers by character. In any case, a link on the voice actor name would take the user for his/her profile.




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5 y ago

Hey Fábio,

The following text appears in the Submission Guide for Voice Credits, https://contribute.imdb.com/updates/guide/voices.
Once again: dubbing credits for foreign languages are currently not eligible to be listed in the database!
In other words, the actor who provides the voice of Jack Nicholson in the French version of his movies, or the actress who dubs Julia Roberts on all her Italian films cannot receive a credit in the database for their voice work at this time. We might relax this policy and allow foreign/localized credits to be added at some point, but this is definitely not going to happen in the immediate future. In the meantime, such credits can be noted as "other works" in the biographies of the relevant people.
So, chances of implementation of your suggestion in the near term are next to nil. But, maybe responses here from others, and votes for and against the idea will help IMDb to gauge interest in the proposal.

Since, it won't be happening any time soon, it might be a good idea for someone to create an IMDDb (Internet Movie Dubbing Database) to collect and store this information in anticipation of a time when such credits will be allowed. Just a thought.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Add Voice acting Dubbing credits to Drop-down section.

Hi, I thought of an idea for voice acting dubbing credits of non English
voices, (imdb may or may not do this but it worth a try of asking) :o)

Imdb could make a drop-down section (like how there are
acting/director/writing/producer sections for voice acting dubbing
credits for like movies and Anime and TV shows for Non English voice
actors (like such as French, German, Italian, Japanese etc.)

Then they wouldn't be all cluttered under the 'Other Work' section and it would be more organized.

It was just some thing I thought of that maybe imdb would be interested in doing :)

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2 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Voice-over for other languages.

I would find it cool, if you would include options to include voice-over actors, who synchronize the dialogues in each language the movies are available in.
Just had the issue, that I had the feeling, that I knew the voice of Frasier in the German version from another series/movie, but could sadly not look it up.