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Tue, Mar 24, 2020 4:10 AM

Submitted my Editor Credits for 3 episodes of my show and it has been denied multiple times

I submitted my Editor credits multiple times for DC's Legends of Tomorrow and it has been declined multiple times. These credits were approved by the Motion Picture Editors Guild. I need my credits added properly. I have screen grabs of the credits for each episode. It's episode 5.6 (Mortal Khanbat), 5.10 (The Great British Fake-off) and 5.13 (I am Legends)

Here are the links to the submissions:


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1 y ago

Hi there,

Thanks for your message and for providing evidence to verify your submission.

You can submit additional evidence with any data contribution to (via desktop).

Please resubmit your request using the "Provide an Explanation" field on the contribution form and entering evidence in the applicable field to help our staff verify this update.

Thank you in advance.