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Tue, Dec 3, 2019 4:11 PM

Submission Guide for Costume Department

From the A-Z of submission guides, following the link for 'Costume Department' leads to a page titled 'Costume Credits', but which is actually the guide for Costume Designers (there's a clue in the first sentence: "This section is for the primary costume designer(s) only", and the A-Z link for the Costume Designers guide leads to the same page).

There used to be a separate guide for the Costume Department (which can still be seen via Could this be restored, please, and the links from the A-Z be updated (in two places, under 'Crew Members' and 'A-Z of All Guides').

[How long has it been since the redesign of the help pages? I guess I don't check the costume department's guide very often given that I've only just noticed that it's missing!]


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10 months ago

Good catch Phil. Hopefully a staffer will fix this.



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9 months ago

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your post.

I've corrected these guides now:

Costume Designer
Costume Department
Submission A-Z 

Have a good day.