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Wed, Jan 1, 2020 1:43 PM

Storyline for "A Million Little Pieces" by Chockys

Just read the Storyline for the movie 'A Million Little Pieces" written by Chockys. Is this a translation to English from another language ? Whether it is or isn't, it should have never been published in its present form. It is close to being illiterate  and difficult to read. Whoever Chockys is, it would appear that English is not  a learned second language for him or her.




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10 months ago

Hello Byff,
I agree, it isn’t well written. If you submit another Plot Summary then that could well replace the bad one. Or you could just submit an edit to the bad one to make it read better.


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10 months ago

Hello Steve!

@ Byff Arlington

I have submitted an edit to the title's plot outline and summary.


Let's see what happens.

Happy New Year!