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Tue, Apr 21, 2015 12:36 AM

Stand-Up Comedies in the Top 250??

Why does the Top 250 now include "CM101MMXI Fundamentals"? Being a stand-up comedy, shouldn't it be considered a documentary, thus disqualifying it from appearing on the list? I haven't seen the film so I'm not so much concerned about its quality as I am concerned about stand-up comedies joining the Top 250.




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6 y ago

Phil: The reason CM101MMXI Fundamentals made it into the Top 250 is that it doesn't have the Documentary genre currently assigned to it (unlike many other standup comedy films). If someone were to submit that genre to the film, and the genre was accepted and added to the film's page, my understanding is that the film would soon be removed from the Top 250.

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6 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled CM101MMXI Fundamentals in the Top 250.

Dear IMDB staff, 

I am sending this message to express my concern regarding the presence of the film "CM101MMXI Fundamentals," a filmed performance by an otherwise-obscure Turkish standup comedian named Cem Yilmaz, currently ranked #100 in IMDB's well-known Top 250 Films list, listed above such classic films such as Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Some Like It Hot, Chinatown and Raging Bull.

I am sending this message not as a complaint regarding the increasing international diversity of the films on the Top 250 list, as I usually have no problem with movies on the list, but to let people aware that if IMDB feels that standup comedy specials are noteworthy enough to appear on the list of the 250 best films made, then so should the filmed work of other, more renowned standup comedians such as Chris Rock, Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Tig Notaro, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Mitch Hedberg, and Lenny Bruce. Even Dane Cook, Daniel Tosh, and Andrew Dice Clay have more international appeal than Cem Yilmaz and his legion of IMDB-registered fans in Turkey (I, unfortunately, would not be surprised if a number of the users that voted "Fundamentals" to #100 are really sockpuppet accounts supervised by staff working for Mr. Yilmaz).

Unfortunately, I admit that I have found difficulty properly judging "CM101MMXI Fundamentals" on its own merits as a film because it is not available for purchase in the United States and that none of the excerpts I have seen of the film online had any English subtitles nor any dubbing. However, what I do know, from what I have seen of "Fundamentals," is that it is a filmed standup comedy special with nothing special that separates it from any of the others. 

Otherwise, if standup performances are unacceptable for inclusion, then Cem Yilmaz's standup show should be removed completely from the Top 250. I have no problem if Cem Yilmaz stars in a real movie and it is popular enough to be considered for inclusion, but if IMDB feels that one filmed standup performance is suitable for the Top 250 Movies list, then so should all of them, from any standup comedian from any point in time. IMDB, please do the right thing and take a closer look at what films appear on the list of Top 250 films.        



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6 y ago

Sorry about the problem.  This was fixed yesterday. An error in a genre correction accidentally caused this title to appear in the Top 250 when it was never eligible.