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Sat, May 18, 2013 5:12 AM

Spoiler in character name not following IMDB rules (Star Trek Into Darkness)

At Star Trek Into Darkness page it is being reported that Benedict Cumberbatch character is Khan. This is a major plot spoiler for that movie.

Even though that is his character's name in the official cast listing, it is agains IMDBs policy to publish character names that are spoilers.

According to the guide at

"Even if factually correct, character names that constitute spoilers must be avoided at all costs."
"Wherever possible, we list character names as they appear in on-screen credits, i.e. the end titles cast listing. We make occasional exceptions (...) when the character descriptions in the end titles include spoilers"

Can you please correct that please? It is impossible not to see it as you enter on the movie page!




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