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Mon, Apr 23, 2018 10:57 PM

Soundtrack Contribution, help links, 4 things could be better

The bolded text below, with a [#], is meant to highlight the 4 things that could be better.

Edit a populated Soundtracks page, select Correct/Delete for Soundtracks. On that page, the little blue "?" in the heading for the column "Order" goes to this page (in a new tab, that's good):

which does NOT mention Soundtracks credits. That's bad. [1]

Back on the Soundtracks contribution page, click on the link in this paragraph above the contribution fields:

"You can get help by clicking the blue buttons to the right of the form, or by taking a look at our Submission Guides." 

and you get this page (ON TOP OF your Contribution screen, that's bad [2]) & (why not go directly to the Soundtracks guide?[3]):

Within this table of contents for all submissions guides, search for Soundtracks, click & get this page:

Search for Order and find this on the bottom of the page. 

Ordering: The ordering for Soundtrack items should reflect the appearance of the song name in the end credits. If a song name is not mentioned at all in the end credits then it should have an order number of 0 i.e. zero.

Why not just link the little blue "?" for Order (where I started) to the above paragraph on this page?[4] Or at least to the Soundtracks guideline page.




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2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions bderoes, I've cut a ticket for the relevant team.