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Wed, Apr 10, 2019 8:18 PM

Sorry, your submission contains the following invalid characters: ​. Please correct them and resubmit.

The same problem as someone has it, really annoying. I can't find what character is wrong in my review. Please, help me if you can. The review:

Director and screenwriter Gaspar Noe, an Argentinean grew up in France, is known as one of the authors who at the end of the last century was the leader of a new wave of a French film that featured explicit scenes of violence and sex. Over time he abandoned violence as the main driving fuel of the film and put emphasis on sensuality and the use of hallucinogenic agents.

In his career, he transferred four of his projects - I Stand Alone, Irreversible, Enter The Void and Love. Like Lars Von Trier, some consider Gaspar a movie genius, while some are considering him too perverse. Gaspar is a filmmaker who breaks the taboo, shifts the limits of shock and initiates debates, and Climax is his latest film. The word to describe it: disturbing. But then, Oh My God, which Noes movie is not?!

If you like, Irreversible, with Monica Bellucci and her husband, you may also like this movie, although they are different in my opinion. Yes, you can see that dark, dangerous mood, dark colours, especially blood, a dirty red and explicit sexuality and violence in both. But while Irreversible provokes empathy as we have seen a case of rape that can happen to everyone and is therefore so shocking, the other is too shocking because it is too much. My personal feeling after watching this movie is a disturbance.

If you are not a fan of horror, action movies with a lot of violence, psychological drama with explicit sex and madness, this movie is not for you. This film is definitely not for everyone. I'm pretty sure that the definition will be; you have to be brave or crazy enough to watch it. Why is it worth watching if you decide to try?

Great dance performance, great recordings. Indeed, the masterwork of the angle of the camera being used, the crazy perspective that makes this film unique, but nothing new for Gaspar Noe. Same as starting a story from the very end. From the very beginning, you see that this will be some crazy story, I must say that I was not familiar with the plot before I started to watch. The opening scene is a girl who chaotic moves and screams in the snow, leaving traces of blood on a white background, all from a bird's eye view. Then we have a prologue, in which characters give interviews why they want to join a dance school. This part is portrayed as a television screen surrounded by books and VHS cassettes and has enough insight into where Gaspar gets inspiration and what the author appreciates. Definitely, a fire movie is found in an empty school in a deep winter period. The second contrast we see is from the beginning of the party and the rehearsal to the very tragic end. The scene is changing, we lose ourselves with the characters, in the end, nothing is clear or bright anymore, no more words. We see clearly the idea of Hell. And for me, the whole movie is like Bosh's the last part of the triptych painting Garden of earthly pleasures.

Bottom line,  if for something we should pay tribute to this director, that is for being excellent in portraying on an unusual and convincing way how life can be hell.


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Martina Malešev
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? ?

What are the invalid characters listed ?
"invalid characters" are actors or text letters

If your review looks correct here
try to copy this text to the Title review page to remove invalid characters

Not the " š " in your name Martina Malešev  ?


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See "related conversations" (to the right or way below), please.

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Thank you! I'll try the last two suggestions, although I never had that problem before and I did the same.

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I just had the same thing happen to me. I can't for the life of me figure out what "characters" I used that they wouldn't allow.

Here is what I wrote in response to someone asking a question on a films FAQ page...

"I don't know how long this question has been here, but it appears that the issue with there being 2 previews (one that perhaps shows the wrong movie), has been fixed. It now seems that both previews are from the same movie. It shows "Assassins (1995)", in BOTH previews. Sorry to disappoint. Frankly, I was rather curious about what movie was originally posted here, myself."

This was the error that came up when I tried to post it...

"Sorry, your submission contains invalid characters. URLs are not allowed".

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I don't see any characters that I haven't seen used A THOUSAND times in other FAQ's and reviews on this site. And there OBVIOUSLY aren't any URL'S anywhere in this post. It would be nice if IMDB would highlight the specific area, words or characters that are the problem. Other sites do it, why can't this one? It would also be nice if they could look into this issue, since it's obviously not an isolated incident, nor does it seem like something WE'RE doing.