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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 10:35 AM

Something wrong with the page

The page for Tinka og Kongespillet (2019) seems to be broken in some way.
When I want to edit in Sound Department (where there are 13 people listed) I can only edit 5 of them - there doesn't seem to be other people listed. Plus some of the people I can't edit seem to have double credits: e.g. Peter Schultz is listed as "sound designer / re-recording mixer / sound designer and re-recording mixer (24 episodes, 2019)".
Does anybody know how to fix this? I don't know when the problem started, but it seems like something has been uploaded twice....




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1 y ago


Some of the credits, such as the five sound credits you mention, have been added to the series level while other credits have been added to episodes. You should aim to have all credits listed for specific episodes, and the series-level credits can be deleted.

Peter Schultz's credits are listed at the episode level, but seem to be a bit inconsistent. You can edit them, but only from each episode page or from his name page.

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1 y ago

With the sound related credits for Peter Schultz (II), his credits for a few episodes are basically added a bit wrong. Instead of one ”sound designer and re-recording mixer” credit, there should be two different occupations: ”sound designer” and ”re-recording mixer”. Two occupations, two different credits.

It’s normal to have ”double credits” if the person like Peter Schultz is credited as "sound designer” and ”re-recording mixer”. Again, these are two different jobs.