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Sat, Aug 17, 2019 9:22 PM

Someone keeps deleting my Executive Producer Credit

A vindictive, nasty producer keeps deleting my Executive Producer credit on IMDB. Its very harmful to my reputation an business as it was a $35M film. How do I stop him? I have emailed through submit help and verified my credit with the EP contract and screen grabs of the credit roller, however every few days I will notice it has been taken down. It's getting beyond a joke. I have asked IMDB to not delete anymore if this user deletes it but it said their editors act on information and he is obviously supplying some counterfeit information that is getting past the editors. 


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2 y ago

In these type of cases it’s probably best to use (or continue using) the IMDb help desk.


Generally speaking, if your name is on the actual credits (and the title is complete/released), then I don’t see any real basis to remove the credit from IMDb.