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Wed, Aug 4, 2021 3:22 PM

Someone else posted our documentary

I am writing on behalf of a production company. Someone decided to create an IMDb page for our documentary with incorrect information. Our team did not create this IMDb page. The release date, budget, run time and other information are incorrect. This film was never released theatrically or broadcasted. It has also never been shown in its entirety. We plan on the film formally being released in Fall 2021.

My question is, is it better for me to edit the current page to be correct OR to delete it, and make the movie a new page. I am new to IMDb and any advice would be helpful. Thank you. 


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2 m ago

Only IMDB admins can delete pages, however they only delete them when they're completely false.

It's best to edit the current page.

Correcting a release date should be easy enough.

Correcting a run time is usually easy enough, however I've had one of my run time corrections declined twice in the last few days, even though it contains the full video as proof. It says it's 1 minute longer than it actually is, which is a relatively minor correction, but still incorrect nonetheless. I'll be resubmitting it for a third time today.

I'm not sure if I've ever corrected a budget before, as that information is rarely revealed, and if I have I've only done one or two. I have added a few though.

Everything else outside of the Did You Know section like Cast, Crew, Companies, Official Sites, Plot, Technical Specs, Filming Dates etc should be easy too...

However I've noticed a weird glitch in the last month or two (which I've mentioned a few times on here on other people's posts, yet no admins have replied to my comments to say whether it's been noticed or fixed yet) when correcting companies, by replacing the incorrect companies with the correct companies.

What happens with this glitch?

Instead of replacing the incorrect companies with the correct companies, it's been adding the correct companies instead, so I've had to go back and simply delete the incorrect companies.

I've completely overhauled 100's of pages in the last couple of years, because they were practically empty, or completely incorrect.

I'm currently updating multiple feature films and shorts right now, which I have been correcting for the last week like...

  • A web series which I found out about yesterday on here, by rearranging the cast, adding a few missing crew members, and correcting their attributes, all of which were incorrect. I'm currently adding all the websites, social media profiles, nicknames and birth names that I can find, to the profiles of cast and crew members, as practically all of them have aliases.
  • A feature film which had most of the cast missing, most of the crew missing, and most of everything else missing, with some minor corrections to the existing character names or job roles, although I've still got some crew members and companies left to add.
  • A short as everything apart from the director/writer and 5 of the 20 cast members was missing. I've just got one soundtrack song left to add and then it's complete.
  • straight-to-video feature film, a couple of days ago, after noticing it's title was spelt incorrectly, and had some of it's cast members listed incorrectly. I haven't bothered updating anything else on it.
  • short where I corrected a minor spelling error in the plot, added some official sites, and added some filming locations.
  • TV episode which had been incorrectly added as a TV movie. This was a quick and simple merge as the episode and series already existed.
  • 4 episode TV series where the 1st episode had been incorrectly added as a TV movie, with an incorrect title that also included the name of the TV network in the title for some reason. I've submitted a title correction which is currently pending. I will be moving the current credits for the 1st episode from the series page to the 1st episode, along with adding and updating the 3 missing episodes when it's accepted as a TV series.

And no doubt many more corrections on titles over the last week, which I've already forgotten about, not to mention countless duplicate profile merges as usual.


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@daniel_francis_gardecki  - Thanks for this answer. I did end up editing the current page, to not have to go through a "merge" process.

Still having this problem though. What should I do?