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Wed, Sep 19, 2018 11:53 AM


So many people are not happy

I talk to so many people and your biggest downfall is your customer service and not being able to talk to the people who don't do IMDb and you must lose so many customers because your customer service is s*** your multi-million pound business now you can never talk to anyone it's hard to find an email to talk to somebody on there and all you get is computer virtually generated answer back and they can never look at what you say and they restrict you on what you putting up customer is always right you got a multi pound you don't seem to care about the customers anymore and you delete stuff which you don't know nothing about you haven't done no research I got a certificate on my photos saying I worked and War Horse and Robin Hood but you've taken it down when it's plainly on your site we can see that I worked on it this photos on my site showing I worked on different Productions from the red Power Ranger I do so much for kids charities yeah I go to see sick children yeah as the red Power Ranger and I worked as a stunt man as a red Power Ranger so when this sick children look me up as they're apparently they can't because you've took it down so it disheartened the young children yeah I bring joy to these young children and you are taking this all down from my work you've taken it down worked since age of 17 doing my work I'm trying to get you to put it back up but you're not listening you won't call someone to speak to them about it and then when I send stuff to you are we cannot open that customer service is awful really bad so many people went out of talking to now I live in IMDb because you're not helping people

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