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Friday, April 19th, 2024 8:20 PM



Should this person's IMDB name be changed?

Diana Edwards-Jones (who died recently) is listed in IMDB as Diana Elizabeth Edwards-Jones nm3183469. I wonder whether that "Elizabeth" should be included in her primary IMDB name, since all the obituaries that I can find for her just call her Diana Edwards-Jones:



Press Gazette (includes screenshot of an archive appearance of her with her name as an on-screen caption)

Maybe her primary name should be Diana Edwards-Jones, with Diana Elizabeth Edwards-Jones as her Real Name. What do people think?



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2 months ago

It's hard to know how she was credited in the two titles listed on the page (if at all). A standard name correction would usually result in "as Diana Elizabeth Edwards-Jones" attributes on those credits, which would not be ideal.