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Sat, Oct 17, 2020 10:33 PM


Should these titles be merged? How should I proceed? and refer to the same opera. The first has more complete info, while the second add it to a series. What should I do to them and how should I do it?


External site with info:


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7 days ago

I happen to know a bit about this, because I created the second title (and created the series).


Here's the trouble:

When a title already exists on IMDb because it was initially released, say, as a movie, and then gets picked up by a streaming service like operavision, then we are supposed to NOT duplicate the information. We are supposed to create a "shell episode" that points to the original, non-episode title.


When I created that series, and found some of the titles already in IMDb, I created the shell, and gave it a plot outline that said something like "For full information on this title, see ___." where ___ was really a link to the existing title. But IMDb editors declined that piece of the contribution. (To be fair, their guidelines say to place that sort of information in Trivia, but I disagree. It needs to be upfront, and the Plot Outline is as upfront as you get on IMDb.)


So, frankly, I gave up on trying to create this series. I just did not have the energy to appeal declined items with the editors on shell episodes, because another series that I created with great effort is gradually being cannibalized. (And that one, Tutto Verdi, really had a definite release date that came well after the individual titles, so people merging titles into episodes THERE really offended me.) 


Here are the relevant contribution numbers (only of any interest to IMDb staff that may happen along):



One of these is for this operavision episode Henze: The Bassarids


Here's the Help guideline about Shell Episodes:

If a title is later shown as an episode of a series then it should be added as a shell episode. No filmography credits relating to the original title should be added to the shell to avoid crediting the work twice on the name pages of those involved. If the individual contributed to new material relating solely to that episode i.e. hosting segment then they are valid credits and may be added to the shell episode). Please also add a trivia item and a movie connection linking the episode to the original title page.

Do as you like with the operavision situation.

The ambiguity there is that I never found any historical information about

  1. when was the title first offered on OperaVision
  2. where was the title first aired anywhere

So I would not mind if the pre-existing title were merged into the series.

Nor would I mind if the series were disbanded, and the full-data episodes became their own "tv movie"s.

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7 days ago




Bederoes gave you the full blown story above. You have run across titles that according to IMDb rules "Should Not" be merged.

Please leave them alone.....


You need not do anything. Do not add the cast that's missing in the "Shell" title!!!



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7 days ago

Thanks for the thorough explanation, bderoes. I assumed they were duplicates by mistake, now I know it's not. I'm new to editing IMDb, there are lots of details I don't know yet. And sorry about your effort going to waste, that sucks.


I'll do as Karen_P suggested and leave those entries alone.


Thanks, folks!