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Wed, Feb 4, 2015 6:38 PM


serial troll sliat _1981 obssessed with Karate Kid intimidates all that try to comment.

there is a guy on all 3 Karate Kid boards thatis harrassing ANY newcomer from joining a conversation. he lives on those boards and reads anyif not all new posts even on threads he's not even in like some one elected him to patrol the message boards. the man is clearly obssessed with the movies and harrasses anyone who disagrees with his warped view of how Cobra Kai are the heroes and Daniel was an annoying punk he deserved what he got for messing with Jonny's girl. he claims onership of the site and anyone who came there after him is a jonny-come-lately that doesn't belong on HIS SITE .his name is sliat_1981 and is a serial troll.

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