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Sat, Feb 20, 2021 3:37 PM


Sensitive incorrect political data

I used to be a child actor (Jasmine Heikura) and somebody posted incorrect data about me on my IMDB page. It says I am writing for a political newspaper, which I am not. I do not even hold these political opinions.

For about ten years I have been trying to remove this "Trivia" but not succeeding. I have tried deleting it multiple times though "edit" but it reappears. Maybe the team processing doesn't approve. How can I prove I am the person? How can somebody else just add random stuff about me that is not correct and I cannot remove it? 

After ten years of despairs -help me community, 




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16 days ago

I cannot even find any magazine, Swedish, political or otherwise named Blå online.



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13 days ago

Hi jasmineheikura -


Can you post the  18-digit submission reference number associated with your most recent Trivia removal request?

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Here it is. I keenly hope it could be removed at last. Thank you for your attention.