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Fri, Jul 1, 2022 2:18 AM

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See Me for One Day Only

For one day only, on 30th June, all the images of people on title pages were mapped to their individual profile pages, so you could see every still featuring that person on their own page.

Today these have all disappeared again, and reverted to just showing on the title pages.

What was that all about?

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5 months ago

Hi Vande -

What you observed was an images error on the site that has since been resolved.  The images are now displaying as intended on just the IMDb title pages, which is why they are no longer displaying on the name page photo galleries.


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5 months ago

Multiple friends of mine (and myself) who have IMDB pages are suddenly finding old tagged photos from show/movie galleries appearing on their pages within the last week. For years, the tagged photos existed but didn't show up on the pages. Perhaps this was a site wide glitch that went mostly unnoticed. How can the person go back to the previous point where the photos were not visible? (Considering many of them have unwanted photos...myself included.) Thank you. 

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