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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 7:45 PM

Same credit, one approved, one rejected?


I have been credited by mistake on a project that I was not a part of. I submitted a correction for this credit and flagged the series credit and episode credit, however, the series credit was approved for removal and the episode credit was not.

This credit in question was a student project and I would greatly appreciate the help removing this off of my profile.


Thank you in advance.




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3 months ago

Hi Alexandra, 

Our aim is to be the most complete and reliable source of movie, TV, and entertainment information on the web. In order to continue offering our users an accurate and trustworthy service, it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information from our records.

We believe the data listed is factual, as such we cannot remove this as requested. I have, however updated the credit to display as 'consulting producer' as per the end credits. 


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Hi Meredith,

Thank you for your quick response. That correction is fine. Thank you for updating it.

To clarify, if I contacted the producer (the person who added the credits), would I be able to remove the credit?