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Fri, Oct 18, 2019 12:31 AM

Rita Volk's correction for "now Uzbekistan" is missing

Hello once again, last time I was very happy on Rita Volk's date of birth addition was approved last time. But now, I forgot include the "now Uzbekistan" part. For an example: Any actor or actress was born before 1993 in Czechoslovakia. Should be written as Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic] or Bratislava, Czechoslovakia [now Slovakia]. Also any actor or actress was born before 1991 in Yugoslavia. Should be written as Zagreb, Yugoslavia [now Croatia] or Ljubljana, Yugoslavia [now Slovenia] to include the present. I have now submit a new correction Rita Volk's correction to include the "now Uzbekistan" from the TV Guide website. I know Rita Volk was born in Uzbekistan with the "now Uzbekistan" to make the country present. Take a close look at picture from the TV Guide website with the "Uzbekistan" highlighted in a different color.

Also, here are other IMDb page with the "now Uzbekistan" highlighted. (Note: Only the high-profile Uzbek-born American actresses.):

Any finally the submission number for the correction is: 191017-234910-184000

Editors, could you review the photo of Rita Volk's birthplace for it's minor correction to include the "now Uzbekistan" the one that is highlighted in color from Rita Volk's TV Guide page for its evidence and additional snapshot photos of Uzbek-born American actresses of Milana Vayntrub, Natasha Alam and Larissa Bond have include the "now Uzbekistan" present country for additional evidence. I hope IMDb will receive the final IMDb stamp of approval to add Rita Volk's correction at Rita's IMDb page. Please add Rita Volk's correction with the "now Uzbekistan" to be included and let me know as soon as possible. I will be happy for anyone's reply. Anyways, thanks for this message and I hope anyone or any IMDb employee will receive a reply very soon. I am very happy for my approval at Rita Volk's IMDb page last time and I am very sorry I forgot to add "now Uzbekistan" to include the present. The birthplace is good for it's approval and I forgot to add "now Uzbekistan" to make it present, so once again I apologized. Thanks for your time and have a delightful day. Talk to you soon.


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2 y ago

Hi ian_a -

Your birthdate correction for Rita Volk has now been approved.  Cheers!