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Mon, Mar 12, 2018 1:38 AM

Residual references to (qv) notation in help text

On various Contribution screens, we're offered little blue dots with "?" in white. Clicking these leads to specific help about the type of contribution we're trying to edit. Some of that help still refers to (qv) notation instead of [link] notation.

For instance, on the Goofs page:

The good news is that both links "...use the (qv) notation to..." go to text about [link] notation, but the explanation on this page is so detailed, I can imagine people not following them.

The elimination of (qv) was implemented on 15 Nov 2017:
On 24 Nov, I reported the Soundtracks page had such text as above:
When I tap on that little blue help button off to the right....................................|:

the guide on the Soundtracks page STILL talks about (qv) today.

Neither my original post on 24 Nov, nor my followup (immediately below it) on 25 Dec, were acknowledged. And by what I see today, were not acted upon either.

When will this be addressed? There must be dozens of pages like this in the Contribution system. Unfortunately, they do not display any specific URL for us to send you, only
no matter where you go.




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3 years ago

Thanks bderoes, I've now amended both of those guides however it looks like this sub-section help information is still linking to our old guides, not the correct up-to-date versions listed on I'm chasing this up internally and will let you know once this has been resolved.


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2 years ago