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Wed, Aug 7, 2019 9:43 AM


Repeated image and plot outlines spam on music video titles

That subject was adressed a few times there already, but I believe it should be adressed more. My edit #190806-154112-839502 on New Radicals: You Get What You Give (1998) was a declined attempt at deleting this image, which has nothing to do with original music video or even original release of the song, for that matter. Since then I've also noticed that similar spam also affected the plot outline of the video with it now saying "Sing You Get What You Give in the Style of "New Radicals". Stingray Karaoke Rock, Modern Rock, 1999, English, Key D.". Which is, of course, not a synopsis or a summary - it's a karoke recommendation. I believe what happens here is someone's utterly misguided attempt at housing their karaoke tips on IMDb, using music video pages as dumps for that.It is my working version simply because I can't find these images elsewhere. All of them seem to be made using the same algorythm: random stock photograph of some people with an overlay text "Song Title in the style of Band/Artist's Name".  

By now I've seen numerous titles affected. Some examples I've stumbled upon using several user-conducted lists of music videos include: 
The Beatles: Love Me Do (1963) (this image and plot outline affected)
Wang Chung: Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986) (this image)
R.E.M.: Orange Crush (1988) (this image)
Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing (1990) (this image)
Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance (1990) (this image)
En Vogue: My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (1992) (this image)
Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It (1995) (this image)
Rob Zombie: Dragula (1998) (this image appeared this very month, since I've seen the title before and it was absent!)
Baha Men: Who Let the Dogs Out? (2000) (this image and plot outline affected)
Daft Punk: Harder Better Faster Stronger (2001) (this image and plot outline affected; this one is even for the wrong song!)
The White Stripes: Blue Orchid (2005) (this image and plot outline affected)
Calvin Harris: Ready for the Weekend (2009) (this image and plot outline affected)
David Guetta Feat. Akon: Sexy Bitch (2009) (this image and plot outline affected)

So far it seems that spam mostly targets videos from 1990's to 2000's, rarely occurring on music videos from 1960's, 1970's, 1980's or 2010's. At this point, I believe that user's IP should be tracked down and everything one did should be reviewed. 

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