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Wed, Dec 9, 2015 12:05 AM

Remove a fake film and a fake director

Hello to all,
I tried to remove a page on imdb but am unable to prove the film and the director do not, well, exist. The film Polanploi ( and its director ( Walter T. Fondman ) are both fictitious- there is no proof the film or the director exist except for these pages on imdb (and the "fan blog" stating all posts are fictitious), which has led to the creation of similar pages on other websites. 




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5 years ago

Hi Garic -

If you are certain that this title listing is fake/doesn't exist, please send your report to remove the title page through the following form:

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a year ago

Hi there is a fake account and post using my name with photos that are not nice at all.

The film and the director do not well, exist.

Please remove it.