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Wed, Jan 28, 2015 2:14 PM

Rejected series details: Visual effects supervisor for Microsoap (1998), Unable to update details with a "rejection" comment on submit

IMDB credit keeps rejected my series details: I was the sole Visual effects supervisor for Microsoap (1998), but I am unable to update the details with a "rejection" comment after I submit




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6 y ago

IMDb will not accept credits at the Series level; they must be added to the individual Episodes.

However, if you were credited the same way in multiple Episodes, there is a way to enter them all in a single submission.

Start at the Series page, and click the Edit page button near the bottom, and proceed to fill out your credit (Select Add 1 credit beside visual effects; click continue; enter your name in the correct Surname, Givenname format and select visual effects supervisor). Note: if your name did not actually appear in the on-screen credits you must also enter (uncredited) in the Attribute field.

At this point click on the list icon at the bottom right corner of the Episodes box. This brings up a javascript form. If you worked on all episodes of a season, click that season number , then click Select all. Repeat for each season you worked on. This adds the individual episodes to he episode box, and greys them out in the form. If you worked on almost all episodes for a season, click the Select all, then click on those you didn't work on to remove them from the Episodes box (they will lighten in the list). If you only worked on a few, then click on those instead of the select all.

Once you have selected all the correct Episodes click the Close button on (Re-)Check these updates.

The rest is straightforward, and you should be able to submit your credits.