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Sun, Sep 7, 2014 11:32 AM

Ratings for "lost" movies

Jealousy (1929) is listed as a "lost" movie, which I'm sure it is. However, it has a rating and at least one of those who rated it was under 30 years old. Should there not be some sort of filter applied to "lost" movies as regards voting for a rating.? If a movie really is lost there seems little chance that anyone not old enough to have seen it during it's general release period could supply a reliable rating.  


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6 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Why are the votes for an early Hitchcock movie which was not completed counted?.

I am an Alfred Hitchcock fan. I find it interesting that what was to have been his directorial debut, Number 13, has 260 votes for a 7.0 average even though it was never completed and what footage was shot is lost. 28 Top 1000 voters gave it a rating.

Looking at the film's board, some have suggested people who vote for it are "voting for it purely on the Hitchcock name" and "some... are confusing this with the later Hitchcock film Number Seventeen (1932), the others are being daft."

Meanwhile The Mountain Eagle, which was completed and released but is now lost, oddly doesn't have more than 5 votes. You would think it would have just as many if not more votes than Number 13 unless the votes for it are not being counted. If that's the case, shouldn't the same thing apply to Number 13?



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5 years ago

Sorry for the delay on this.  These have been fixed now and we are looking at a more general fix for the issue.