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Fri, Jun 14, 2019 3:59 PM

Question about Name Correction or Merge

I am helping a friend combine pages here on IMDb. Her two profiles are:

After consulting with her, she confirmed that all the credits on both pages are for her.

Normally when I do this, if both pages have the same name, for example a I and a II. I would combine the higher number II, with the lower number I. However in this case, the actress in question didn't realized the I page (nm7811795) existed, and added her headshots to the II page (nm10081392).

In this case, I was afraid following my normal methodology would result in her pictures getting erased when the two pages were combined, along with whatever information her might have on the pro side.

So I opted to do the Name Correction or merge the opposite way, combining I into II. Request # 190530-203937-725000. It hasn't been approved now for two weeks.

My question is, is it because I did it in reverse of what I normally do.




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a year ago

Hi Kevin -

I can see that your initial request to combine the pages was declined, yes, please note for any future name merge requests that you should merge to the lower roman numeral.

I have now combined the name pages for you, the changes should be live on the site shortly.  Cheers!