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Wed, Jun 5, 2019 9:46 PM

Profession summary order incorrect (despite number of credits being higher on incorrect secondary role)


My IMDb listing has 'Music Departmet' as my primary role by the looks of it, from the order listed. However I am primarily a Composer and not the arranging / orchestrating roles that I have credits for under MD listings. I also have 7 more Composer credits, which should make IMDb's algorithm list that first... But doesn't for some reason! Is there a solution here? I only had the music department added  as supplementary information about what I tend to take care of on a project, not to make it look like it's the primary thing I do. Any help very much appreciated. 
Billy Jupp


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2 y ago

Billy Jupp
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Add this for others to look at:

Billy Jupp
Music department: Short (8 credits)
Music department: Movie (2 credits)
Music department: TV (1 credit)
Composer: Short (13 credits)
Composer: Movie (3 credits)
Composer: Documentary (2 credits)
Composer: TV (1 credit)
Short (1 credit)
Soundtrack: Movie (1 credit)



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Hi Billy -

 Our system automatically displays the applicable professions (i.e. Actor/Actress, Director, Producer, etc.) based on the number of each profession credit you have listed. Please note, episodes are counted as individual titles, this is a little complicated, so bear with me.

Looking at your filmography page "Music Department" is listed first with the title count of "11", however, this number doesn't reflect episode title count, it only records the series title.  The number also doesn't reflect how many credits you have on a given episode/title.  So while your "Music Department" section displays the count of 11 credits, in actuality you have 24 Music Department credits.  As this is higher than the amount of "Composer" credits you have listed (currently 19), this is why the "Music Department" profession is displayed first.

Profession summaries are generated automatically based on your filmography credits and cannot be added or updated manually.  Once you receive more Composer credits than Music Department credits, the profession summary will automatically be updated to reflect that change.



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Michelle: I want to re-emphasize the fact that in a category such as the Music Department, a person can have more than one job on the same title, which in turn count as more than one credit. For example, Billy is listed as conductor; music arranger; music mixer; and orchestrator on The Flood (2019/II). That's four Music Department credits from this one film.

By my count, Billy has 34 Music Department credits. Besides the 4 from The Flood, he has 9 other films on which he was both music mixer and orchestrator, which is 18 more credits; and he was both music mixer and orchestrator on 6 episodes of "Urban Legends", which is another 12 credits, for a total of 34.

I have an idea pending on this board at which suggests that the number of credits per occupational category be displayed differently, because questions like this come up often.

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2 y ago

Thanks all for replies. I understand now why they do it. Still a tad frustrating, as I imagine it isn't straight forward to remove these credits either. With arranging and orchestration being an intrinsic part of the composition process (for most contemporary composers), it's almost worth not mentioning it if it means tainting the public appearance of your profile. Ho hum, this is most certainly a 1st world problem. Moving on! Cheers all. 

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2 y ago

Regarding the ”it's almost worth not mentioning it if it means tainting the public appearance of your profile”.

It’s also good to understand what’s the main purpose of IMDb, which is to record film/TV/video credits. IMDb is not really a resume/CV service (IMDbPro is another matter), where one can choose the projects that are ”worth mentioning”.

So if your name is listed in the credits, it’s safe to assume that it ends up to IMDb at some point (if the production company doesn’t list it, then it could be someone from the cast & crew, or maybe just some ”fan” or random outside contributor who has seen the project). The point is if you want to (try) keep your name out of IMDb, you have to make sure that your name doesn’t appear in the actual credits. And that’s up to you and the production company, I guess.

Even that won’t guarantee it, since ”uncredited” credits are possible. DoP Robert Richardson did not want his name on the credits of ”World War Z” (due the 3D conversion, I believe), yet it’s listed on IMDb:

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Hi, Billy Jupp.

This can not completely solve your problem, but you may change the order of the "Known For" section. If you need, the official guide explains how to:
The default Known For titles displayed at the top of an individual's IMDb page are automatically chosen through a complex weighting system. IMDbPro members may choose these titles as they wish...
The algorithm used to select Known For titles is constantly being improved. Also, the weight assigned to each title within a filmography is recalculated on a periodic basis, so the addition of new credits on someone's filmography will have an impact on their Known For titles.
Since this is an entirely mathematical approach, some of our Known For choices may occasionally not be the best or most representative ones. If you're an active IMDbPro member, you may select your Known For titles.