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Sun, Apr 5, 2020 1:34 PM

Problem with a declined review...

I'm a long-time reviewer (10 years) and I do my best avoiding touchy subjects or non-PC stuff if it serves the purpose of a review, which is to express my personal thoughts;

However I don't think there was anything wrong with my review of "My Cousin Vinny" 

Here's what might be the problematic part: "Two students are accused of murdering a store clerk in a small Alabama town. Being from New York, they react with all the worst clichés about the South, fearing KKK lynching, inbred sons and ancestral hatred against the Yankees, making them even more stereotypical."

What's the problem? I'm only listing these clichés to make a point on how stupid they are. And is it because of the "being from New York", the whole purpose of the film's opening is to depict the North vs. South clash of mentalities in a humorous way, it's all about stereotyping.

Anyway, I submitted a second review without mentioning the clichés, but it's frustrating to wait for two long days only to see your work being rejected just because some words have been taken out of their context.


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